History Of Wedding Rings: Men Used To Not Wear It

History Of Wedding Rings Men Used To Not Wear ItBelieve it or not, but apparently men weren’t exactly accustomed to wearing wedding rings until just recently. It has always been a thing for women, but with men, no. Women seem to have been wearing all the rings even from the olden days. From engagement rings to wedding rings, but are not known for these. This tradition of wearing bands have been practiced from way back, only for women though and once again, not for men. I found it really interesting! According to historians, it was not until World War 2 that this tradition became a real thing. Fascinating!

After finding out about it, I couldn’t help but to also be shocked about this information. It started as a thing in the military during the war where the women in their lives became their inspiration that they even formed a community to those who are about to get married. Since then, it has been quite a common thing for men to be seen with their wedding bands. It has even become a norm. And now that they are officially a part of wearing a tradition, I could tell that there are some pressures on their part on carrying it.

For women, they pretty much don’t have a choice regarding it but wear it. Besides, women like this thing. It is so easy for this to be decided by a woman, but to men. There are actually men who are not comfortable wearing it, and this is probably why some wives would catch their husbands not wearing their wedding ring. Ladies, go easy on your men. You must remember that they weren’t exactly built for this thing. If you’re going to think of it, rings are jewelries and it is usually a woman’s thing! If you analyse it that way, you probably would have a broad understanding as to why they behave like that.

As a couple that is about to get married soon, you two should talk about it. There are couples that I know who are not taking wearing their rings seriously. I mean, this is of course just an individual case scenario. It is up to a couple if they would really allow themselves to be part of this tradition whether they are married in paper or not. I say that because there are also couples who are not legally married, but still share the fun of wearing wedding bands. I think that is also romantic.

This is not about being emotional about the matter; it is about setting up a foundation in your relationship based on communicating pretty much everything to your partner including your protocols in wearing men’s wedding rings.

Once you have finally decided that you would always wear it no matter the situation is, then just keep your word to each other and stay faithful. This article is for those who are just still about to take the plunge of this thing called marriage also known as forever.

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